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IHSS hours? Does the member ... Multipurpose Senior Services Program (MSSP) Referral Author: CalOptima Subject: Multipurpose Senior Services Program (MSSP ) Referral ...
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all right this training is for the the referral so the first thing thats going to happen is that a provider is going to task it to a work group that youre assigned to and then its going to hit your inbox for this one I just did an example for a rehab referral that was tasked to a work group that I belong to and you can see it has shown up on my screen as well as a whole bunch of other referrals Ill pin it up the first thing I gotta do is I gotta accept the referral and then I have to open the chart so with it still highlighted I just click chart and it takes me right to that patients chart and it takes me right to the referral order that happens and you can see you right down here in the referral orders grid is the rehabilitation referral that was tasks to me so in order to open I need to double click on this referral the best way to do is to double click on the order date and you have to be kind of quick about it or or bugs out once you opened the referral management template youre going to see all this information about the referral that was tasked to you the first thing that needs to happen is that you accept the referral in the referral accepted box this is how everyone in the clinic is gonna know that the referral is being worked by you and who is responsible for managing that referral now we we provided an accept detail comment field here if there was any special information youd ever need to put in there about your acceptance of Laurel however for normal workflow I dont anticipate you guys needing to eat to put any comments in here but we we left in here just in case we need to use it sometime so the next thing thats probably going to have to happen and again a lot of this depends on the individual workflow of each clinic the individual situation of the referral all referrals arent created equal but this is kind of a general workflow for how to manage the referral process so were going to select the specialist now what happens when you click in this box is that its going to filter whats available in the community in chloro Springs based on the a referral specialty type that was chosen by the provider so in this case rehabilitation but lets say you you knew that there is specialty that they chose isnt the one they meant to pick based on the based on what the provider told you or or based on the diagnosis you can actually on this end change the specialty from here just so you know so to choose the specialist youre gonna refer it to you click in the specialist box and what that does is it brings up a list of specialists that are available for that specialty type filtered on the type of insurance that the patient has so for this one well say that were gonna send them to health south so what happens when you select that is it pulls down the information of where that specialists office is their phone number their fax number pulls it all right here and just in case its a different location than whats provided you can if you need to come in here...